Sunday, June 28, 2009

Easy Wire Clasp..........Tutorial

Its been a while since I blogged, so I thought I would pull out an old tutorial on how to make your own wire clasps!!

Materials needed:

14-gauge soft wire of your choice (1" depending on size of your clasp)

20-gauge soft wire of your choice (2" depending on size of your clasp)

2-8mm jumprings

Chasing Hammer

Steel bench block/Anvil

Round Nose pliers

Chain Nose pliers

Flush cutters

Misc. beads/spacers of your choice

OK Here We Go!

1. Form your top "S" curve with the 14-gauge wire, hang it on the side of your bench block and gently hammer about 1/4" flat.

2. Take your chain nose pliers and curve the bottom of the flattened space, gently up to your desired point.

3. Take the amount you desire of the coiled wire and add it to the top of your "S" clasp. (This amount will be smaller then the second piece, due to the tighter curve in the top section) Add your accent beads/spacers to the center, then place the remaining section of the coil on the bottom of the "S" clasp.

4. Cut your wire so there is roughly 1/4" remaining. Repeat step number 2 on the bottom half of your clasp.

File any bits of wire that is poking out. Form your "S" Clasp to your liking and add your jump rings.

WA-LA Your Done and ready to use your very own
handmade clasp in one of your projects!

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