Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Walk Into Eden....

I was looking for some inspiration this evening and went on the hunt for some type of floral backdrop. I came across this gorgeous picture of draping Wisteria. Purple is my all time favorite color, and the vines in this inspiration photo are just amazing.

Anyone who has seen the lush beauty of wisteria draping dreamily across a warm summer landscape can relate to its meanings of: Beauty, Love, Fertility, and Exapansion.

A few facts:

* Wisteria is a woody climbing vine with about ten species. Wisteria vines climb steadily by twining themselves either clockwise or counterclockwise around any available support. Wisteria is hardy and fast-growing and sometimes considered to be a an invasive species. Wisteria can be proagated by hard cuttings, soft cuttings or seeds. The flowers of some wisteria are edible and used to make wine, but other species are toxic.
* Wisteria is remarkably important in Chinese art, feng shui and has distinct symbolism in Buddhism.
* In Victorian times people used more symbols and gestures to communicate rather then words. During this period the meaning of Wisteria was Steadfast.
Communicating with flowers became the height of fashion under Queen Victoria, when nineteenth century publishers produced dozens of dictionaries explaining "floriography" as "The Language of Flowers". During this period the meaning of Wisteria was Welcome.

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lyptis said...

Very pretty picture!

Makes me wanna go for a walk in a park full of flowers and smell the sweet air!:)
Maybe ive been cooped up inside for too long!;)