Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where does the time go?

Holy moly its been almost half a month since I have blogged.....where have I been? Oh i know the answer to that. PSP' I have a new addiction. PSP and scrapbooking! Oh ya and there is the other part too not feeling well, so I have been scared to turn on the torch in case the fumes made my sinus infection worse, and not really having a whole lot of energy to create. Got to get out of this funk and over this junk!

So anyhoo thought I would share a few things I have made over the last 2 weeks of playing on the computer. Just some siggie tags with some really great freebie scrapbook papers and elements. Still getting the hang of it but I sure have been trying, there are sooooo many things you can do with Paint Shop Pro and animation, its just mind~boggling trying to learn it Of course the 1st one is dedicated to another addiction:

And a cute sassy one for Valentines day:

I am also adding a slideshow at the bottom of my blog with most of the siggies I have made in the last few weeks if ya care to check them out too.

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metaphysicalshoppe said...

Was wondering where you've been!!!! Hope you are feeling better every day and get back to torching. Great siggies!!!