Friday, January 16, 2009

Sore fingers......

So I haven't posted in about a week or so....shame on me!! I have been working with wire for an Era Challenge on the BHV group and then decided to make a second weaved bangle...I know gluten for punishment. We are having a 3 month challenge, each month we are to make a piece of jewelry inspired by a time period within an era. Our choices for the first section of the challenge were Prehistory, Sumerian, Egyptian, or Greek. I picked the Egyptian Era for my piece, this piece is a bright shiny copper bangle with a lapis focal and rounds, and it is weaved down each side. (My weaving skills leave much to be nobody laugh)
The second one is copper and sterling silver. I oxadized it to have a deeper color and to set off the focal boro bead, which I made and was inspired to do so by the picture on the left center... Still need more practice, but I think I am getting better, or at least I can tell a big difference between the first and second one I have ever done.

So whatcha think?

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Regina said...

These are both beautiful (I love LL) but I must say that the 2nd one is stunning!