Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas is just around the corner.....

Are you ready? I know that I am not!! With thanksgiving done and over with, now starts the holiday rush. Buying for teenagers has to be the worst! If it doesn't cost a small fortune for most this year I will be surprised. Ipods, cell phones, and numerous other electronic gadgets are all the rage. Have been for some time, but they just keep getting more expensive and are only used for a short period of time. What happened to "Its the thought, that counts"? I am sure I am not alone in wondering where the "Spirit" went in having "The Christmas Spirit". I for one dread the holidays, because it seems everyone is out for what can I get, how much will they spend this year, or give you a faint smile saying I love it.....then mumbling under there breath what a cheapskate.

Holiday decorations seem to come out earlier and earlier each year. I think this spoils the some of the fun, or for me it does. I like to decorate and love seeing the lights as much as the next guy, but to see them out in full force before Thanksgiving just doesnt seem right to me. Somehow I get past this and am ready to take it all on, this year its just coming to me

Oh the Joys of the Holidays!

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