Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shameless Promotion...lol

I havn't posted in a while so I thought what better to blog about then more goodies made by me.
I have been working on several things lately, one being new holiday beads here are a few.....

This is a bracelet that was made with my santa focal and some rose rounds by Kim.

I also made this for the BHV Inspiration:

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lesson on Trees

Autumn can be a spectacular season of bright blue skies, cool temperatures, and brilliant leaf color. During the growing season, most tree leaves are green because they are full of chlorophyll. Plants use chlorophyll to capture sunlight for photosynthesis, the process that enables them to manufacture their own food. The amount of chlorophyll is so high during the summer that the green color masks all other pigments present in the leaf. As the days grow shorter in the fall, chlorophyll production slows down and eventually stops. The carotenoids and anthocyanins that are present in the leaf then become visible.

Characteristics of particular species of trees:

Oaks turn red, brown, or russet

Hickories turn golden bronze

Dogwood turns purplish red

Beech turns light tan

Red maple turns brilliant scarlet

Sugar maple turns orange-red

Black maple turns glowing yellow

Sourwood and black tupelo turn crimson

Aspen, birch, and yellow-poplar turn golden yellow

All of the autumn colors in there rich deep tones are so inspiring, I want to go take a drive thru the countryside now.....how about you?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Wow what a suprise!

I have just found out that I am Friday's featured seller on Angie's blog, or jangie on etsy!
How awesome! Here is the link:


It also has a link to her etsy store with some adorable hand made cards, scarfs and more!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

October is here!

Whew it is chilly out this morning only 41 degrees. As much as I love fall, I could do without the cool mornings. This month not only brings cooler temperatures but my favorite holiday! Halloween are you ready? I know I am not...lol because that means Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. Anyhoo not alot been going on lately, sure havn't made much, but I did manage to get my Gemstone of the month for the BHV completed last night. This was made with flourite, czech glass, lucite, swarvoski crystals, and sterling silver. Its more of a spring/early summer piece, but I love the soft muted colors.

Hopefully I can get myself back on track and get some beadies made soon!