Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No. 3 in Women in History Series....

Every- one knows the story of The Queen of Sheba, but just in case here is a little info: Sheba was a biblical character who also figures in Islamic tradition—where she is named Bilqis—and in Ethiopian legend, where, as Makeda, wife of King Soloman, she is credited with founding the first royal line of the Kingdom of Sheba in southwest Arabia.

This was made using some stunning lampwork that I received just yesterday in a ROAB (Random act of beadiness) from a member of the BHV. Every few months one of these are hosted by our fabulous Heather, the members partners are kept secret until everyone who signed up receives there goodies! It is so much fun!!

Bracelet is topped off with swarvoski pearls and lots of sterling silver.

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Kimberly said...

This is one of my favorite designs from you Mary, I love what you did with the lampwork. Awesome colors and great balance on this piece. Well Done!